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Knowing which shoe size of what brand will suit you perfectly goes a long way in ensuring comfort for your feet. You know your body best. If you think you will be comfortable in stilettos, buy shoes with high, pointy heels. If you feel more comfortable wearing flats, choose trendy flat ones to match your clothes and personality. Style without comfort will make you look uncomfortable which overall, mars your appearance.

Since man-heels or 'meels' are in vogue these days, men may want to consider heels too (or not).

Personal Preference: Some like them bright and trendy and some like to stick to muted, formal colors. Women have the widest range of styles, cuts and colors to choose. Men have some very basic colors and cuts in formal and semi-formal shoes, although they too will come across a good choice of trendy styles and colors in informal/casual footwear.

Your budget is the ultimate deciding factor when you are shopping. Consider the shipping and handling costs along with the shoe price.

Also, make sure you read up the return/exchange policy before you purchase them.