Clubwww1 Guidance

02/12/2017 18:11
A  hugely important element to buying shoes online is having the ability to return or exchange them if have a defect, don't fit, or just don't look the way you thought they would. While most online shoe stores will offer some kind of return policy, don't take it for granted. Know before...


02/12/2017 09:22
Imagine living in this world of beautiful shoes, and not being able to find any that fit you. Actually, some of you don't have to imagine it -- you're living it. I know, because I hear from so many women who are having difficulty finding nice shoes. While it can be tough to find those perfect shoes...

Your Budget

02/12/2017 09:21
The only thing harder to resist than that perfect pair of shoes, is that perfect pair of shoes on sale. The articles below offer money-saving tips and some of my favorite places to find discount footwear and ladies shoes on sale -- and there are some extremely good deals out there, so if you're...